Music Video Top Tips

In an earlier post, we gave you a few suggestions on things you can do to prepare for your first music video. But because the process of crafting a music video is too multi-layered and complex to fit in just one blog post, it kind of follows that our preparation top tips might need an extra post too! That’s why we’re back with another glimpse behind the scenes, giving you a fresh new look at what goes into making a music video and what you, as an artist, can prepare for, starting with a few of the most frequently asked questions we get.

How does the production process begin?

We’ve already talked about the fun stuff, like finding the music video producer that’s right for you (hint: we think it’s us!) and what putting together a mood board is like. But maybe you have some questions about how we get there in the first place. So, if you’re wondering how we kickstart the production phase, it starts when a director— like a member of our team— reaches out to an artist like you in response to a brief you’ve sent us. Put simply, a brief is kind of like your preliminary, text-based mood board. You might have a lot of fully developed ideas, ranging from clothing to set design to scenery or you might have nothing more than a vague vibe you have in mind for your music video.

Either way, our job is to make your vision come to life, so we’ll reach out and have a chat with you about how your vision can be accomplished by our studio. From there, we’ll go into specifics like working out your ideal timeline for the video, plus a shooting schedule and a list of the shots we’ll be taking. Once we’ve worked out all the logistics and actually shot the video, our editors will take a crack at it and piece the rushes together. (‘Rushes’ is the term for the footage we got on the day of the shoot!) Our editors will also add in the cool visual effects at the end, and when that process is completed, your shots will go from raw footage to a shiny new music video, ready to play.

How can an artist best prepare for the shooting day?

Whether or not you were a theater kid in high school, it’s important to remember that for the day of your shoot, you’re kind of a pop star and a movie star. Because, like any performer, it’s important to pay attention to your hair, makeup, costuming, and rehearsals. Although the specifics of the performance will vary from person to person, depending on your preferences for the shoot, those components will remain the same. So, just make you’re every bit as fresh as you would be for a live gig, and you’re golden!

What can an artist expect during the shoot?

But with that said, don’t expect your shoot to be too glamorous. Although the final version will be stellar and you’ll look like a rock star, in practice, you’re likely going to get bored, sleepy, and annoyed with all the little details and re-takes. In fact, depending on the nature of your project, sometimes we may have to shoot over the course of two days. (You’d be surprised how long it takes to shoot the same thing over and over again!)

So, when it comes to appropriately setting your expectations for the shoot, it’s important to be prepared for being asked the same question about a thousand times, posing and re-posing for the same scene, and lots of other little average annoyances through the day. Oh, and during all that, you’ll still to need to bring your A-game, whether it’s 6:00 am or midnight! It takes a lot to bring a music video to life, but it’s important to remember that no matter how long or annoying the process might be, we’ll do our best to keep you happy and comfortable as we make your vision reality. Plus at the end, you get the joy of seeing your very own song in a music video!

Be Flexible

(And not just when it comes to all the cool action shots you’ll be doing in your video!) Similar to the last point, but a little bit different, artist flexibility is crucial to successful production. Because although we’re committed to keeping everything on track and ensuring that video is produced exactly according to your vision, sometimes things may not go according to plan. In those cases, we’ll need to brainstorm a different alternative and we really want it to something that meets your needs. So, as long as we can work together and establish consistent, open communication, we can ensure that even when things go wrong, we still find a great solution.

And there you have it, folks! Although the process doesn’t require too much of the artist, a lot more goes into the production of a music video than you might think. That’s why we’re here to make your vision come to life and answer your questions along the way.

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